Hydraulic Steel Tubes | ST52.4, Ex-stock‎, Best DIN2391 St52 1.0580 Precision Bright Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Pipe

Precision steel pipe


High Precision Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Tube is used in automotive industry, and in the occasion where the high accuracy, brightness, cleanness of the tube are required.

Main Features:

1. Inner and outer walls of tube have high accuracy.
2. Excellent brightness.
3. No oxidization after heat treatment
4. High cleanness inside tube.

Sizes Range:

OD:5mm-220mm, WT:0.5mm-25mm

Delivery Conditions:

+C Hard. No final treatment after final cold drawing.

+LC Soft. Final heat treatment is followed by a suitable drawing pass (limited reduction of area).

+SR Stress Relieved. After final cold drawing, the tubes are stress relieved in a controlled atmosphere.

+A Annealed. After final cold drawing, the tubes are annealed in a controlled atmosphere.

+N Normalized. After final cold drawing, the tubes are normalized in a controlled atmosphere.

Tube Finishing Options:

Our tubes can be additionally treated to achieve the exact finishes and ends needed by customers. These are some of the additional operations that can be performed on our tube:Drawing, Heat treatment, Bulging, Swaging, Cutting, Deburring, Vibro cleaning, Threading,De-rusting, Chamfering, Washing.

Surface treatment: 

Oiled, black painted, hot dipped galvanized or phosphate coating as required. Both ends of each crate will indicate the order no., heat no., dimensions, weight and bundles or as requested.

Standard and Optional Testing:

Visual and dimensional test 100%.

Eddy current test 100% acc. to EN 10246-3.

Ultrasonic test 100% acc. to EN 10246-7.

Chemical composition.

Impact test.

St 52 (DIN1.0580)0.22 max0.55 max1.60 max0.025 max0.025 max
GradesDelivery ConditionsTensile Strength Rm (Mpa)Yield Strength R2 (Mpa)Elongation in the longitudinal direction Al (%)
St 52+C (BK)640 min/4 min
St 52+LC (BKW)580 min/7 min
St 52+SR (BKS)580 min420 min10 min
St 52+A (GBK)490 min/22 min
St 52+N (NBK)490-630355 min22 min


1. Bundle Packing.
2. Plain end or vanished as per customer’s request.
3. Wrapped in waterproof paper.
4. Sackcloth with several steel strips.
5. Pack in heavy tri-wall boxes.

Mill Test Certificate:

The product is supplied with 3.1.B inspection certificate,according to the standards EN 10204 and ISO 10474.

Our Services:

Third Party inspection acceptable. such as SGS, BV etc.

Supplying financial support with usance L/C 180 days after B/L date.